Metoo Tiramitu Rabbit Simplified European Style Stuffed Plush Doll Comforter Toy Birthday Christmas Gift

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上架时间: 08/16/2017

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Welcome to our Metoo family. The exquisite and lovely Metoo plush doll will inspire any child with the world of imagination and bring them a happy mood. Everyone should own one to share their dreams and secrets with.

Main Features:

- High-quality materials
Soft crystal woolen mattress, skinny, filled with moderate PP cotton, giving you a wonderful touch feeling

- Gentle color scheme
Such soft color, passing the warm power, pacifying your child's mood

- Electric embroidery
Each of our rabbits is embroidered with special electric embroidery pattern, exquisite workmanship, vivid image

- A perfect gift
A sweet gift for birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Children's Day and other memorial days
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