T10 5W Creative USB Powered LED Night Light Touch Dimmable Table Lamp with Speaker

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上架时间: 11/22/2016

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This touch dimmable LED table lamp is a perfect decoration for your bedroom. It is environmentally friendly and soft on the eyes. Wide application and easy to carry to work outdoors, you can use it with your pad, computer, power bank, etc.

Main Features:
● Simple design, modern and fashion appearance perfectly match your bedroom or desk
● Supernatural light, no ghosting and eyestrain preventable, soft and comfortable light for reading
● Stylish solid base, multi-channel production, so that the lamp is more stable
● Energy-saving and low power consumption
● 3 lighting modes: the first time press the switch is the white light, the second time press the switch is the yellow light, the third time is the blue light
● With speaker, the channel is 2.0
● Ideal for your office, study, work, bedroom, etc.
● Light color: white / yellow / blue
● Voltage: DC 5V
● Power: 5W
● Material: ABS
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