B733 Z 13000 Rpm Dual color Backlights Speedometer Odometer Tachometer for Motorcycle

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Main Features:
● High quality irony shell, with dual color LED back lights.
● With neutral position signal, illumination and turn lights.
● Fit for all motorcycle with DC 12V battery.

Description of Odometer:
Wire Connection:
Red Line: Backlight
Black Line: Earth wear
Yellow Line: Turn light
Blue Line: Headlamp
Green Line: Neutral position
Input Voltage: 12V
Range of Measurement: 0 - 160km/h

Description of Tachometer:
Wire Connection:
Long Red Line: Anode
Long Black Line: Cathode
Short Black line: Ignition anode
Short Green Line: Earth wear
Short Yellow Line: Connect engine
Voltage: DC 12V
Tachometer Measure: 0 - 13000rpm
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